Have You Got Any Idea For Positive Pregnancy Tests?


Possibly you have missed a couple of consecutive periods, or the typical signs of pregnancy have started showing in your body. You probably would want to undergo a test, and are probably confused as many would be on what a positive pregnancy test would construe. This article seeks to shed more light on the available pregnancy tests.

There are several tests to determine whether one is pregnant. Continue reading to find out more information on pregnancy test;

The Urine HCG tests.

This is the most commonly employed testing method in most women across the world. Usually, the urine HCG test can only show pregnancy after 4-5 days of implantation.

  • The test involves the use of testing strip that is specially made to detect pregnancy from the contents of urine. Usually, on line o the strips means that one is not pregnant while two lines would mean that one is pregnant.

The drawing of a faint line is not uncommon however. This will usually call for repetition of the test since such is obviously confusing.

A faint positive line can be caused by several reasons. In most occasions, this would be the presence of low levels of the pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Sometimes, the false positive line might in fact not be a pregnancy line but an evaporation line.

Blood test

The use of a blood test can be the most conclusive method to show pregnancy.

  • Unlike a urine test that would usually show pregnancy after five or six days of implantation, the blood test can pinpoint the happening of implantation in the human body three to four days after its happening.
  • A blood test is mostly done in health centers and hospitals as final confirmation for pregnancy. Its accurate in most occasions can be as high as 97%. However, wrong results can be brought about by the presence of false or chemical pregnancy in the body.


Pregnancy Tests are very important. To have accurate results, it is important that the testing be done a couple of times for confirmation. Alternatively, the use of ultrasound scanning can be important in showing a developing pregnancy.