Why Google Is Penalizing the Websites in 2018?


A lot of bloggers and online influencers are still in the dark as to why Google decides to hunt their website down. Basically, Google penalizes site for engaging in actions that are contrary to their guidelines. These negative actions can come when websites are not in accordance with Google’s algorithms. Google’s actions often result in fewer rankings for each page on a site or in terms of specific keywords.

Learning or knowing the reasons why Google penalizes websites is a good idea as this will help you to avoid certain pitfalls that can guarantee you a continuous page ranking, at the same time avoid you losing some bucks in case you have an affiliate marketing blog. One thing to take note of is that Google is trying to serve their customers better and as such, they will always frown at anything that opposes their major goal for all online influencers or bloggers.

Basic guidelines to follow to avoid Google’s penalty include:

  • Epic content and Standard Website Design: Your content and site design must measure up to Google standard requirements. Failure to do this automatically makes your site vulnerable to Google’s attack.
  • Duplicate Content: As much as you can do, avoid duplicate content.

Some ways to avoid duplicate include:

  • Your format for linking all your pages must always be consistent.
  • In case you restructured your site, you must use 301redirects.
  • You must avoid copyright text at any part of your website. Particularly at the bottom of every page. This is a mistake I see a lot of bloggers do.
  • Intentionally using similar content on different pages. A lot of people do this with the intentions of increasing their keywords use and increase their rankings. Google does not want users to see different pages with similar content.
  • Buying of links: A lot of people buy links by having more site link to theirs. This used to be a measure for how useful and quality your site is. However if you are buying links, there is much possibility that that the sites linking to your websites will be a less standard website. This will off course affect your rankings and it will go against you.
  • Having excess reciprocal links: Any attempt to have too many reciprocal links on your websites makes you guilty of Google’s penalty. Google sees excess reciprocal links as an attempt to manipulate your ranking rather than provide quality experience for your visitors.

Other reasons why Google can attempt to penalize your website include; broken internal or external links.


This article attempt to focus on enlightening online influencer’s and bloggers on reasons Why Google Penalize Websites and how to avoid such pitfalls. Definitely if your website fulfills Google’s standard you stand a chance to run your websites without Google’s treat or hassles.